Limits to winning sports betting

Our first piece of advice is: set yourself limits! Not to gamble more than 5% of your account on a single bet is a good limit to limit your losses in bad times. If you are a good bettor, your luck will return and you will be back in the green quickly.

Just like a poker player, every bettor will have his rushes and bad luck moments. Don’t try to make up your losses immediately, this is the best way to lose even more. A bet taken in haste in the hope of “getting back” is often synonymous with lost money. Be rigorous and always analyze the games.

Also set limits on the minimum odds you can take. For example, we find little interest in playing odds of 1.10. In fact, out of 10 games played at this odds with the same amount, a single failed bet will cause you to lose what you won with your 9 previous successful bets.

Betting small amounts on multiple bets often allows you to cover your losses. In the example below, the bettor bet the same amount (€0.50) on 3 different bets on 1N2 football matches.

With only one successful bet out of 3 attempts, he managed not to lose any money and returned to the amount he had before making these 3 bets.

Keeping a mini-accounting

If you have the courage and the time, you can make sure that you keep a minimalist bookkeeping where you will record your bets, their amount and their winnings, by classifying them by criteria that seem important to you (e.g. days of the week, sports, competitions). Every week or month, do a quick review and visualise which sports, competitions and days of the week are most successful for you and then move on to those.

Online gaming, a pleasure above all

Every bettor plays with the hope of making money from sports betting. Nevertheless, gambling should remain a pleasure and not become an obsession. It should be part of your entertainment schedule and never interfere with your work and family. Try to limit the time you spend on sports betting and never gamble the money that is used to cover the basic needs of your household.

If you are afraid of gambling too much, you can at any time ask the online betting site you are betting on to prevent you from betting more than a set amount (this can be per day, per week or per month). All French bookmakers offer this service required by the French State.

The ParionsWeb site is a model site as far as Responsible Gambling is concerned. The FDJ website alerts you through its “Playscan” tool about your gambling behaviour, especially if you tend to gamble too much money or too often.

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