Counting cards in Blackjack is a very practical technique to increase your chances of winning the game. In this and many other games it is always said that the house has the advantage over the players, but in this case the circumstances can change if you can get the Blackjack card counting technique right in the game.

Counting cards can be done through various techniques, which can range from very simple to very tricky and complicated.

How does the Blackjack card counting simulator work?

As we have just seen, there is a simulator that allows you to emulate a game of Blackjack and with which you can count cards online. It is very simple to use and we are going to explain it below.

1- The first thing you have to do is as we have seen before, select the level, either novice, intermediate or expert.

2- Count the cards, low cards as 1, high cards as -1 and 7, 8 and 9 as neutral.

3- Click on the start counting button and that’s where your test begins. At the beginning it is best to use a pen and a notebook to write down everything.

4- Answer the question, i.e. once your hand has run out, you have to answer the question “What is the right result? Here you will have to select the right number.

5- Finally press OK and find out what the right solution is.

Methods of counting cards in Blackjack

There are different methods of card counting, among them we can highlight:

The High-Low method

This is one of the most efficient techniques and consists of giving each card a different value.

The True Count

Here the aim is to find out how many cards remain in the deck. And the fewer the number of cards that remain, the greater the probability of being right in our predictions.

Wonging technique

This consists of analysing the Blackjack table and only entering the game when everything goes in the participant’s favour.

Group card counting

Here only one player can play a number of hands, so playing as a team can be the right solution to increase profits.

Within this technique there are different variations:

  • The Back-Spotter: here one of the group members is not seated at a table and sees everything from afar.
  • The bouncer: this character is not in charge of counting, but changes tables every time the rest of the group tells him to do so and will only place the bets that they tell him to.
  • The helper: the task of this character is to play with low stakes and when he sees that the game is improving, he tells the rest of his companions.
  • The big player: His function is to make sure that the rest of the team is not discovered.

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